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Top 5 Water Saving Tips For Your Garden

Are you struggling to keep a garden plants alive? Do you have limited access to water or your local area is on water restrictions? Tame My Garden has these useful tips to help you keep your garden in top shape.

Water Saving Tip 1: Water at the right time of day

Watering gardens or pot plants during the heat of the day can have a significant impact on plant growth.

Pot Plants

Pine bark based potting mix has low moisture retention properties, meaning pot plants dry out more quickly. If you water them in the afternoon, when it is cooler, it will help them to retain the water, meaning stronger and healthier plants.


When watering your garden in the evening, the foliage may not have an opportunity to dry out, which could encourage some fungal pathogens to grow. Watering in the early morning, will allow your garden plants time to absorb the moisture they need while still allowing the foliage to sufficiently dry.

Water Saving Tip 2: Save and Reuse Water

A great way to save water for your gardens is to install a water tank. Even if space is limited on your property, there are small tanks available that take up little space.

Save your Kitchen or shower water. Did you know that you lose litres of wasted water each day, while waiting for your hot water to heat up and come through your taps for washing up? Have a container handy and save all the cool water for your gardens.

If you steam or boil vegetables, save the water rather than tipping it down the sink! It is full of nutrients and when cooled, makes a free fertiliser for watering your plants.

Reuse Fish Tank Water. Do you have a fish tank? Did you know that when you empty the fish tank, the water is nitrogen and phosphorous-rich and perfect for your garden or pot plants?

Water Saving Tip 3: Mulch Your Gardens

Mulching your garden waste and adding it to your plants will help reduce evaporation meaning you won’t need to water your plants as often. Better still add the mulch to your compost along with organic matter. Organic matter absorbs many times its own weight in water, which is then available for plant growth. It offers many benefits for your plants.

Water Saving Tip 4: Avoid Overwatering

Besides the obvious high water bill that you would be wanting to avoid, overwatering can leach valuable nutrients from the soil. Even worse, your plants could grow with shallow root systems meaning affecting the health and lifespan of your plant.

Water Saving Tip 5: Take advantage of natural rain

Move your pot plants (especially indoor plants) out into the rain whenever you can. Just don’t forget to move them back to their normal position once the rain ceases, especially if you place them where the hot sun could burn the foliage.

Do you have other water saving tips you use around your garden? We would love to hear about them.

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